Monday, March 16, 2009


I have been so busy doing nothing.. it's been great. That's not entirely true you know. I have a deadline coming up and need to press on and finish the book I was commissioned to make. April 10th is my due date, it must be done.

I absolutely need deadlines or I just spend time starring at the wall and not doing things. It's hard to get motivated and keep inspired. My next show will be a good deadline and push for my art.. but until then I should try and be a little regimented and methodical about working.

The other Lanesplitter might be graced by a show by me as well.. Probably at the end of the year as well. Very exciting.

I have been working on trying to get my portfolio put together and get my website up. It's been difficult hooking up w/ my bud LD (little Daniel), we are just too busy. I want my website to look like his website called "Terra Nullius Photography". Yes!! L.D. is a great photographer and documented my show. I hope that we can find some time to sit down and weed out good pics and bad pics etc. I will keep you posted on the progress.... but while you are waiting you can also check out L.D.'s flickr and get a feel for life in the bay area!!!

More to come..

Friday, March 6, 2009

quick update on my sleeply busy life.

It's true.. I have been a bit MIA lately. Life has really been getting in the way these days. Work and school are taking its toll on me and I'm playing a game of catch up.

Last weekend I took down my show, sadness. In a way I was a bit relieved to hide myself away again for a bit. I am eager to finish up my commissions and get started on my new series.. but again am finding it hard to juggle everything. How did I do it before?? was it speed or hysteria? I don't know?

Next week I plan on not making many social plans and really locking myself away in my place to drown in my creativity.

I suppose I should get back to work since the man is always watching... bummer.