Friday, October 30, 2009

Nothing quite like

the moment between fall and winter. I feel like everything builds up to Halloween and once that hits.. it's all downhill so to speak.. not in a bad way. It's more like this... the food becomes abundant and the shadows and blue hues become overwhelming. The weather suddenly is much more brisk and mysterious. I crave fires and roasted root vegetable soup with homemade rolls and butter, chicken pot pie, pumpkin anything, spicy cider, and all the warm comfort foods I love. I also crave staying in bed longer, reading a good book and cuddling with my dog or a sweetie. Things that I am missing during this time of year.. studying and being in school, the first snow flurries, the colors in the mountains, and, and, and... I bet I could go on and on being nostalgic. This, right now is my very most favorite time of year. I am even a sucker for the holidays that are soon to come.

Sadly, I feel that I haven't had the same gusto as previous Autumn's. I feel just too dam discombobulated.. just like someone that has had three solo art shows, moved homes, and is just trying to wake up most the time (that's me). I think I'm starting to feel the typical Emily Autumn mode start though.

Artistically I'm feeling that it might be time to start journaling again and making my books. It is my first true love with art and I can pour myself out onto paper which I love. I do still want to continue with the shadow boxes, the heart series, etc. I would like to pull together my past styles and incorporate it with what I have been doing now.

Here's to the in-between time of fall and winter. Cheers.

Music I'm listening too (esp. this time of year):
Anything by "Rachel's"
Anything by "PJ Harvey"
Can't get the song "Heavy Cross" by "The Gossip" out of my head.
Noe Venable
and so, so, so so many more there are too many to name is in just this one post.

Latest inspiration:
The Hermitage which was just featured on Blogs of Note. I love her style of art and her gypsy lifestyle.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

cruuuuunch time


Can't think.. must make...