Friday, February 17, 2012

studio redo

It took a lot of work but I was able to get the studio/spare bedroom in order for my new temp housemate. Please take a look for yourself.

before: (in case you forgot)

And this is after:

Luckily for me the room was rented furnished. That sure saves me some time and extra effort. Now I need to put together the way crazy torn apart garage. I also need to find a work bench or space for continued book making and other work. I have to say I feel slightly exhausted that I've moved my studio around so much. I may keep it's permanent home in the garage, not sure yet.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The breakdown of the studio

Whitney Houston just died and I haven't written in the bloggy poo in a while. I haven't really felt like it recently, and that's okay with me. Maybe listening to "It's not right but it's okay" by Ms. Houston inspired me to write today, who knows.

Since the last time I've written,  I have had some interesting changes happen. I'm back in school, which manages to take up a lot of time... as you can can imagine. I also have a temporary housemate moving in this upcoming Wednesday until the end of June. This will help a ton and help me catch up on life and finances. Being a student is expensive, especially when you're a server and struggle through the slow times of the year.

Having the new housemate moving in means that I have to breakdown the studio and rebuild one in the cold garage again. Hopefully, this will inspire me to work again. I was thinking the other day about how I miss being an artist, then a friend said but you ARE an artist. That sure made me feel good considering I haven't felt like one in a while. I don't know why as people we have to be so dramatic and hard on ourselves, trust me, I'm the worst. I wish the ebb and flow were just easy but instead we have to be dramatic and look at the flaws in things. I had a solo show in October and an event in December and yet I'm having thoughts of missing being an artist. uh....One can't let the opera of their life get in the way, you just gotta keep moving, creating, and believing it will be just what it needs to be.

anyway.. Here is the beak down of the studio in progress. I will update on the transformation when it is done and update about the new/old studio. I will definitely miss the light in this room. On contrary, I like the industrial feel of the garage, I can do all the heavy work with all the light work in one spot.

I should also include that I'm looking forward to having a housemate. Not only is she a nice person but I think it will open me up again. I really am looking forward to that.

On the ghetto-blaster: 
The weeknd is SO good!! this album in particular kicks my butt every time I hear it.
YES!!! this album rocks the socks!