Monday, December 16, 2013

almost near perfection...

I've been working continuously on my books. Having them progress and become a polished version of earlier versions. It's always a work in progress, and it always will be. Recently, I've really focused on getting a good solid polished off version of the vinyl record books. They have become quite a big hit locally.

I have my other books as well. Wood books, record cover books, and even steel books. I'm still working on the steel books but the other books have really worked out so far. 

The sales of the vinyl books have been great this season, and I continue to plug away at them. I am a little worried that my books have become stream lined and not as random and artistic. That could go either way I think. Both ways are positive and negative and each have their own place. I just wonder if someone is going to be upset by the old versions not being there. 

I have to mention that working at TS has made a world of difference in what I'm willing to try and the polished look of my books. 

What do you think?

On the musical inspiration train:

a new one: Johnny Hollow

Music aides in the cathartic process.