Friday, December 18, 2009

books books and more books

I think I may have mentioned that I used to make books. Well.. I do. This past year I focused mainly on shadow boxes and collage work. I'm now working on making more books.. hopefully all goes well.

Here are some pages and covers.

I'm super excited to see what unfolds.

Other than Norah Jones, I've been listening to:
The Black Heart Procession.

They remind me of Devotchka a bit.


  1. Love Nora Jones. so relaxing and inspiring at the same time. been listening to her a lot myself lately. good to create by and wrap up a few gifts for my kiddo. Your book work is so interesting! I would love to hold them, being the tactile person I am. :) Best to you for the holidays! and congrats on the show possibilites - SO exciting.

  2. Thanks Mistie! It's good to see that you're back.. we missed you.
    Happy Holidays!