Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hands and Pants project with John Casey

I was invited to John Casey's hand and pants project. I was invited to participate in it last year but obligations got in the way.

Each artist is given a drawing of hands and pants to work with and are allowed to do anything they want to it. You can see his work and some of the project here: John Casey's Blog

Here is the one I created and the process.
I had the darnedest time with my spelling and dyslexia. I kept forgetting complete letters out of the words. Doh!!

Overall it was a fun and challenging project.

The show hangs tonight with the opening on February 21st at The Rare Bird in Oakland.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Comic ON! Oakland

After the success of the Oakland Under $100 show at Actual Cafe last September.. Actual Cafe has asked me to do another show. This show isn't an Oakland Under $100, it's my own show and vision. I know that I haven't been writing much these days but I just got burnt out and busy as could be with other areas of life. Well, I've been super obsessed with graphic novels and comics. I started getting into them more and more as a way to get away from the text book situation. It was a way for me to keep reading without going blind from all the words.

Here is the flyer design I did for the show:

The show features a handful of local artists that specialize in comics, graphic novels, and illustrations. It's gonna be so much fun!

Featured Artists:

Tom Hall

Flynn Gleason

Casey Fay

Mike Nova

Emily Coker

Patrick Dibert

The show runs February 8th - March 8th 2013. The opening is Friday February 8th @ Actual Cafe from 8pm-10pm

Don't miss it y'all.