Wednesday, November 18, 2009

see this guy..

I see him almost everyday here at work. There is a guy that looks exactly like him and it throws me off every single time I see him. Creepy huh!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

it's the little things really...

I'm feeling super nostalgic lately... and really who can blame me. In the last several months my life has changed in such a positive way just by moving. I had forgotten the little joys in life.. like:

-having space to spread out.
-sitting at a kitchen table with the sunlight coming through the windows while having coffee.
-having my bedroom be separate from my kitchen.
-sleep and lots of it, deep sound dream filled sleep.
-silence - not listening to someone above me pounding around like they are 3 times their size. Putting Tibetan chants on at a very ungodly volume and hour.
-having a hot spacious shower to melt in.. as opposed to my old shower that you could barely move in.. it was like a hibernation pod or some crap.
-being able to sit on the couch and curl up with dogs.
-having a yard..

I could really go on forever. My last place was pretty hard for me to be in.. I never invited anyone over during the entire time I lived there. It was dark and depressing. I feel like my health has improved by 200%.

ahh.. now back to my coffee and sunshine.

Friday, November 13, 2009

oooh.. it's Friday the 13th

Remember how scary it was when you were young.. freaky troubling things were supposed to happen on this supposed cursed day. Now it just seems mundane and another day..but it's special because it is Friday. Anyway....

I found myself in the studio last night.. which is great! My studio is in itself a work in progress but I'm happy. I have a little space set up in the garage of my new place. I was sitting by the comforting low rumble of the dryer while I worked. It was perfect and just the way it needed to be plus kept me warm. I made several pages for future books and also was inspired to paint. I haven't painted in a very, very long time. I'm happy for the inspiration and the challenge. We shall see what is to come next.
I need to keep working though because the event is nearing.

What I'm listening to...
Lhasa de Sela's new self titled album - yum
I have recently been enjoying an oldie.. Panda and Angel. I hope they come and sleep on my floor again soon.

Ken Burn's National Parks Documentary.. Pure awesome goodness!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

There are a couple of things..

I dislike.. and mushrooms are one of them. I know, I know.. you must think I'm strange.

I especially don't like these
bleh.. gross.

Okay.. but they are sorta cute..... in a phallic sorta way.. which makes it even more gross for me. ew!

The reason I'm chatting about this is that I just had to pull about 300 mushrooms out of my Chinese food.

bleh.. gross.



just sayin'

Friday, November 6, 2009

sweet and wet

It smells like rain and doughnuts at work today.. hmm interesting.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

so now you

know what I have been up to.

Please check out the last post.

Oakland Under $100

Oakland Under $100 is a show featuring affordable art made by local artists.In addition to art, there will be live music. This event promises to a lot of fun.
Featuring Local Artists
Emily Coker o mixed media
Rachel Coker o jewelery
Casey Fay o painting
Ross Kennedy o sculpture
Cassie Leone o painting
Daniel McChesney-Young o photography
Anne Pinkowski o sculpture
Roxy Rogalski o photography
Paul Solis o drawing
Heidi Struble o photography
Mike Woolson o photography

Featuring Musicians
Hugh Fox o Val Esway o Chris Larson

Temescal Art Center511 48th Street @ Telegraph Oakland, CADecember 4, 2009 7pm -10pm

Print a flyer and hang it in your workplace!
Oakland Under $100 (Black and White PDF)
Oakland Under $100 (Color PDF)

Please note that Temescal Art Center does not permit alcohol so this will be a dry event.

This event is sponsored by Lanesplitter Pizza and Pubs.