Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recent book:

The subject of the book is "Gratitude"..
(it's magic.... in here, come on)
all sewn up and purdy.

Look!! just 0.69
The tree is made out of paper.
Standing up and looking good.
I didn't include every single page detail.. but you get the idea.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I don't even smoke pot.. but if I did, this would be the day. I was never into that, I'm just not a very good stoned person. Do the kids even say that these days?

I finally finished my book and it turned out great. The woman that commissioned me to make it was more than pleased and very excited. I documented the whole process and will post pictures soon. I have some crazy conflicts in posting pics. I write many of blogs on my work computer (looking around hoping no one cares), just recently they took away most things that are fun on my computer. Such as.. itunes, any download rights, etc.. I guess they want us to work or something, weird. So I can't just plug my camera into the computer and post pictures. I must use my home computer..... so.....
But I promise I will post them and many, many more pictures.

I'm starting to get prepared to work on my two upcoming shows. I don't know if I wrote about the other one or not.. but one is in August @ Lanesplitter in O-town and the other is @ Premium in O-town during October. In preparation of mass art, I am trying best to find ways to organize my workspace since I literally live in a closet. This weekend I found a very neat cubby hole shelf thingy-mah-bob. I spent part of yesterday re-arranging my work area and it looks great!! I'm very excited to start work.

I guess I should get to work since they took away all the fun.

until then...

oh and if you live in the bay area... drink lots o' water cuz it's supposed to be 85+ degrees today.. and smoke lot's of pot for me.. braaahhh..

Monday, April 6, 2009

blog title here.

All I can say is "hectic".. yes that is how life has been lately.

In the meantime I have been listening to lots of music, playing with scissor and paper, and finding an awesome score at the East Bay ReUse Depot.
I recently bought a new ipod.. have I written about this?? Oh well.. My old abused ipod mini finally broke. I bought the thing used and replaced the battery twice. One warm spring evening I dropped it for it's final time. As upset as I was I knew it was time... :( Luckily for me, a girl at work was selling her ipod touch. Holy hell my world has just changed and I'll never go back.. ever. It's sleak, awesome, and my new best friend. I especially like that I can listen to Pandora all day while working. aaahhh.... sweet drug... music.


I went to the "reuse" yesterday and made a huge score. They had a box of activity sets for kids, they were little wood building kits that only required a hammer. There was one that was a house and another that was a sleigh, that's cute and all but what caught my eye was the picture frame kits. They aren't the regular picture frame but they are deep, what I mean by that is that the picture would go deep into the frame. This may be hard to visualize so let me explain. Once built they look like 4x6 shadow box frames... see where I'm going with this now? I bought all 30 of them at .40 each.

Speaking of art.. yesterday I spent the day working diligently on the book I am commissioned to make. The due date is this upcoming Sunday, Easter. I'm feeling pretty confident about it and feel that I will get it done. I don't have any pictures yet, but will post some pictures soon of many things. I think this is the beginning of me diving right back into the swing of things.

Also wanted to mention that my upcoming show has been pushed to October instead of September. I'm okay with this, October and Halloween are pretty much my favorite time. Oh and my art is sorta creepy so it fits.
See this guy below.. yeah the dog. That's my dog and his name is Dean and it's his birthday today!

Dean is 4 today! Happy Birthday little guy.

The only other thing I have right now is this.... Casey Fay. Anyone know him?? I do and he had a very successful art show this last month. His work is fun and cute! I want to share his website because I think it's done vert well and is super interactive. Have fun playing and learning about the wonderful world of cephalopods and other cute creatures here.

Yay for Oakland Artists!