Saturday, August 8, 2009


The show has been up for one week now and has been so far a success. I have already sold 24 small boxes in the 30 piece and 1 large box. I am so grateful and flattered, it's unbelievable. I wasn't very sure what to expect when I hung this show and while making it. There were definite moments I was worried that the hearts were too hokey... but my dark side saw the irony and fun distorting them.

Once the show was hung I thought they would be popular but I wasn't prepared to have sold over half my show by now. Again... I'm a bit astonished and taken back.

Coming into this show I knew that I wanted to try and keep it simple. My last show seemed busy and intense, this show I tried to be light hearted and easy about it. I think for the most part I succeeded. I forgot to mention that I have even had a commission already for some of the hearts that were already sold.

I think this will spark my interest to start selling on Etsy. I do have a shop but have not posted anything as of yet. In fact I hope I can remember all the log in info etc. I just tried to log in and it's still there.. so I guess I'm good.

Here are some more pictures of the current show (30 piece). Sorry about the blurry pics. I'm a terrible shot at times. I can't seem to steady my hands with a digital camera.

From top to bottom: "Happy n' Bleeding" - "Round-Up" - "Natural"

All 3 of these are sold!! I think the other trick during these tough times was to make the art small and super affordable. The small boxes are only 25.00 and the large are 100.00 each.

Until next time..

In current music rotation:

Brandi Carlile - The Story (LOVE this album)

Alison Krauss and Union Station - Lonely Runs Both Ways (might be too twang for some peeps but I love it)


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