Tuesday, January 5, 2010

sadly sadly.....

I learned yesterday that Lhasa De Sela passed away. She passed away after a 21 month battle with breast cancer at the age of 37. She was one of my new favorite musicians..My bud Val got me hooked on her with the album "The Living Road"... so many songs on that album would just pick you up and hold you close on many hypnotic journeys. Some of my absolute favorites off that album are:

"Con Toda Palabra"
"Anywhere On This Road"
"My Name"
"Soon This Space Will Be Too Small"
-So many of her songs are just pure brilliance!

I immediately got into her first album, La Llorona.. another great album..
My favorite song is probably "Decara A La Pased"

Then in early 2009 she came out with a third self titled cd.. it's soooo good and I have yet to choose a favorite. The whole album is good, some of the songs make a whole lot more sense with the understanding that she was facing her own death.

I don't want to be a downer just wanted to pay my respects to an artist who I listen to very often while doing art. There was just something very nostalgic about her that motivated me in the studio.

The video for "Con Toda Palabra" always made me want to create... the song as well as the video is just the sorta thing I like that pulls something outta me.

I suppose this is my salute to a wonderful artist who will be missed..


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