Thursday, April 8, 2010

memory lane

I'm in Utah taking care of my mom right now and it has been very interesting and positive for me. It's funny how forced time off can do a person good.... or maybe it's just perspective.

When I arrived on Monday night I was greeted by a lovely blizzard. No seriously.. I couldn't even read the road signs on the freeway. I did want to see the snow this year and am thankful that I made it before it was all gone. Thanks global warming.. thanks.

This is my mom's backyard the next morning.

I'm without a car here which can be torture if you're not careful. But it really hasn't been that bad. We needed some things from the store so i decided to take a little walk and was struck with so much nostalgia. Sluffing(sluffing = dtiching) school to hang out at The Coffee Garden. How cool we all thought we were then and hanging on the "south" side of school

This picture is the "south" side of the school... away from the simenary building away from the rich kids.. the mormons. Kids that hung out on this side of the school were artists and rebels. We smoked cigarettes, hung out and wore lots of dark colors.
We were the coolest and nerdies at school.. ever.

Off topic...

As many of you may know. Utah isn't very lax with the booze. My mom wanted me to check out a new wine store in Utah. WHAT?? Utah has a huge wine only store??? SIN!

Sin? Wine?.. i couldn't help myself.

Pretty impressive right?

Things sure have changed since I was sitting on the "south" side of the school... like High School Musical being filmeed at my school (puke)

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  1. Seriously? HSM is in UTAH? Gnarly, yo. I'm sorry you have to associate that with such a big part of your past.