Sunday, October 31, 2010

my most favorite day of the year is today! Halloween!!! Sadly this year I have not been in the highest of spirits. I have only watched a handful of scary movies and didn't even dress up for work or parties. Some years are just like that I guess. I do think I will have a morning/day time fire and stay in my pj's for the majority of the day.

Here is the extent of my dressing up this year.

My west Oakland witch:

and the good witch of the east bay:

oooh.. spooky right..

I did however go to the Murder Ballads last night and stayed for a couple hours. I made a extra special effort to see The Ukaladies. They were fantastic!! Their set was based off of Donnie Darko. I took a video of them but somehow it has disappeared. Must be a Halloween trick.

I did capture some still of them:


Happy Halloween ya ghouls!

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