Sunday, April 10, 2011

wiener dog races

(aka dachshund races and Golden Gate fields)

Yesterday I spent the day at Golden Gate fields watching the wiener dog races and horse races. I've never been to the horse track, bet on a race, and all that. What a perfect day for me to go with the wiener dogs racing as well.

a lovely track and well maintained field.

 You didn't think I was joking did you?
Look at his little number jersey.

wieners everywhere..

 The only thing missing is our large hats.

 people get the finish line ready for the dogs.
The dogs are accompanied by two handlers/owners. One owner is at the start line and the other at the finish line. The owners at the finish line try to woo the dogs with treats, toys, and whatever else will get them to run like mad to them. It was super cute to watch.

I know the video is hard to see and even a bit wobbly but you get the idea.

Here is a better video:

We saw several horse races as well and I even bet on a couple but lost.

Horses coming out from the start gate.
Here they come..

 Before the race you can go and see them getting ready and decide up close which horse looks the strongest etc. If they poop during this time it means they supposedly will run faster during the race.

 My picks: horse 1 and 3. Horse 3 had a female jockey.. I couldn't resist but to bet for her.
dang..  better luck next time. I wish we could have bet on the dogs like we did on the horses.

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  1. This looks awesome!!! I want a bloody mary while watching weiner dog racing! :)