Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last night I went to my one and only baseball game this year. I used to go all the time.. now not so much. I got some free tickets from someone at work and took my friend Hollyce with me. The game itself was pretty boring, the A's played Texas. You could tell that the season is almost over.. the players don't seem to have any gusto. All that aside.. it was fun to act like a dork and eat bad food.

Here are some pictures from the night and even a video!

A fun "artsy" shot on the way there:

From the Bart you have to walk across this little bridge, this is the view from that bridge.

Let's go swimming..

Hollyce hamming it up with the Raiders sign.

me hamming it up with the Oakland sign.

oh man.. belly bombers!

The moon during the game.. holy crap!

Which way is the moon?

Hollyce was on rapid fire with her camera..


Big Steppin' at the Colosseum

As you can see.. being a dork comes very naturally to me.

Hollyce's last shot of the evening.

I think going to the A's game was more about us being dorks and eating really bad food and expensive beer than the game itself.

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