Thursday, February 24, 2011

frank sinatra is haunting me

Yes.. it's true. Have you ever had moments in your life when a particular song comes on and seems to outline exactly everything going on. Frank Sinatra has managed to do that for me in the last several weeks. Don't ask me why or how but it's true.
even this picture has that inquisitive look that says: "I know what you're up to - but I know better".

Song that have been popping up:
"That's Life"
"Pick Yourself Up"

Oh Frank.. you really do have a way with words and advice. But it's not just old blue eyes, it's every song that comes on the iPod or Pandora.. filled with encrypted universal messages.

What does this all mean? Well.. let's just say things are on the verge of massive change.


  1. YAY for massive change!
    & yay for you being open to it all!

  2. Thank you! I so need to hear that.