Sunday, February 20, 2011

rainy studio days

It's 37 degrees right now.. yes 37 degrees. It rained all last week and all freakin' day yesterday. I did manage to capture a couple great shots this last week, including this one. At times I'm impressed by the iphone camera and other times not so much.
I love when the sky looks like a painting.

Rainy days translates into working even more in the studio. 

I don't know if it's me or what but I usually have to move around after sitting in one place for to long.. Not only was I working on projects but I was cleaning and straightening up the studio. I typically have several projects going on at once. While cleaning I came across an old sketch book. I was surprised to see several sketches that weren't to bad for the past years.

This makes me want to draw hands more often. 

Who was I drawing?

This one is definitely my style.. bloop bloop. Do you see the cute little Valentine's the octopus is holding?

and of course.. my favorite thing in the world to draw.. trees (and telephone poles).

and now I must get back to the studio... please excuse me.

In the studio:


  1. when it gets this cold I lose all motivation to work. I just wanna crawl under the blankies with Rosco the Cat.
    The sun finally came out today & although it was still freezing cold... the sunlight gave me the motivation I needed to get some much needed work done!

  2. ah.. yes I want to hide as well but somehow force myself to work. I convince myself that working will make the cold go away.. or my mind.