Thursday, February 3, 2011

new book - new owner - new news - new year

First I should start this post by saying happy Chinese new year. As mentioned in previous posts, the year of the tiger was challenging, hard, and just down right bleh. I embrace you rabbit, come in for tea and such because I welcome you with open arms and mind.

Below is a new book intended for visual artists and not so much for writing. I used mixed blank paper including medium white drawing paper.

It's the perfect sketch journal size.

 Mr. Obi Kaufmann is the new happy owner of this lovely gem. Here's Obi taking a bite out of it at last night's Live Art Wednesday.
nom nom nom! 

The news I have is that I am booked for a solo show at ZZA's wine bar. My opening will be August 20th, and the show will run till October 1st. I'm a bit nervous since I have another show in October but I also have this strange calm about it all. That's the bunny year working it's magic already.

hop hop hop.. 

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