Wednesday, February 25, 2009

lazy procrastinator, time to regroup and refocus.

Yes.. that's me.

You know that 365 project.. yeah that one. Well, I am postponing that until further notice. I need to focus a little attention on me for a second, I feel weighed down by that project. Can I be honest here.. of course I can, right. The truth is that I'm exhausted and I feel that I'm running at a capacity of 40%. I need some regroup time to propel myself at least to 85% and above.
Not that I'm going to stop posting or anything, I just feel I have enough on my shrinking little plate.
This week I have been trying to catch up on school work while juggling everything else. My mom is coming to town tomorrow and although that seems nice, it actually is very time consuming. I also take my show down on Saturday morning.
All this is going on while I remain unmotivated and tired. I don't even want to do my own dishes, that's how pooped I am.
The rain isn't helping either.

Wish me luck as I search the world for myself again, I seemed to have lost part of me and if you find it first.. please send it back.

That fire under my you know what would be nice right about now.


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  1. Hi Emily you are really good
    it is good you believe your hands.
    There are two
    Like you
    Which hand you believe