Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my artist statement

Emily Coker
Artist Statement

Collage and Assemblage art has always intrigued me and is a major influence in my work. “Synapses” is a deconstruction of thoughts, feelings, and particular moments in life. I wanted the viewer to look into each box and see themselves, either from the outside or the inside.

Medicine cabinets hold stories, mysteries, and secrets; one can’t help looking in them. I chose to use them as my main medium because of that very idea. As the viewer, you are opening the door to someone’s secrets. Each vanity holds a different story, moment, or feeling. The lights are to signify the synapse that takes place in your brain during the thought process. The bulbs light up randomly to resemble the brains movement from these particular images of thought. I put a heavy emphasis in linking our past with our present state of mind so that one can move toward what's to come next. In a sense, the medicine cabinets have been therapy or a way for me to explain my thought processes and emotions.

My artistic expression started with making “Artists’ Books”, I enjoy making books in a non-traditional way, I want the reader to engage and become a part of the story or visuals. Four of my books are displayed in this series; they are in the wood wine crates. These books helped inspire me to create shadow boxes or dioramas that display a bigger scene that the viewer absorbs.

I would like to give a very special thanks to Christy Carter for being the best power tool goddess alive. Christy is an established carpenter and is currently studying at Mills College in hopes to rule the world. If it weren't for C.C., I couldn’t have done my show and would probably be missing some fingers. Many more thanks to: Mike Rice and Val Esway for helping me hang the show and tolerating my moods. Even more thanks to my family, friends, and my muse who have always believed in me and pushed me.

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