Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Toys!

Time has definitely slowed down over here. The whirlwind of emotions and getting deadlines met has faded away. Now I'm suddenly stuck with extra time and fumbling to find my motivation. It's funny to me that I write I have extra time, I have actually been very busy, just not with art. Honestly, I could sleep for something like two years and I wouldn't mind. I have spent this last week trying to catch up some things that were put on the back burner (ie: school, work, life) for the last two months. I have also been falling asleep uncontrollably as well.. okay maybe not uncontrollably but it seems the moment I get into bed, I'm out. Three out of five nights last week I woke up in the middle of the night with the lights on and everything, I sit there wondering what happened. I pull myself together and get myself into bed properly. Ha! that sounds funny to me, but it's true.

I finally got around to putting my pictures online. I don't want to show too many of the opening itself due to many people in them that might not want there picture on display. I will display mine though.. this is me before the opening, nervous and not yet tipsy.

My friend/stylist did my hair and makeup. Everything felt extremely surreal to me that night, I wrote about that before. I felt like someone else was doing all the motions and I was along for the ride. (is that scary?) I had fun getting dolled up and buying new clothes and such for the big event.
Now that the main event is done.. I need to keep motivated in creating more art. I think art and almost anything in this world requires practice and persistence. I think I'm in a good creative space to keep delving in and exploring new possibilities. Are you all familiar with Flickr? I'm sure you are. Flickr has a project called "365 project", if you don't know what this is, I will explain. 365 is a project for people to take a picture everyday for a year and post them on Flickr. I love the idea of this, not only does it give you something to do but it pushes consistency and practice. I would like to tweak the idea a bit and have a project like this for myself. I want to work on something creatively everyday and post about it. I gotta keep the flow going and what better way to do that with a good, clean little project/challenge. (am I sure I want to get myself into this?? erm..) I will try my best to post about it daily but may lag and post a weeks worth at once, we shall see.
Here are a couple pictures of some new toys that I picked up. I think they are neat, creepy,interesting, and strange... all things I enjoy a bit.
Eeeeps!!! little dolls and their bodies! I especially think the doll heads are the creepiest. I am torn about doll parts in shadow boxes, I think it's so cliche. I thought that I would be one to avoid them.. but after "Bobbi's Last Ride" , I think they have a place and serve a purpose in art.
I also found these awesome glass disks:
I used to work in a glass factory in Portland, Oregon and since then I have always loved glass. These were obviously from a mold of something, they almost look like bits you would pull out of the bottom on the kiln after cooling. They are way too smooth to be that though. I have been wanting to work with glass and lenses of sorts in my work to depict my horrible eye sight. A interesting fact about me is that I was born with cataracts and have had four eye surgeries to correct it. Two to take the bad lenses out and two other surgeries to put a lens implant in. Only one eye has the implant and the other one still has a contact. It will be fun to see what life that all of this takes on in my art. Yay new toys!!
I have also been playing with pastels and photocopies or prints from the internet. I decided to practice on this little ditty below. Pretty fun stuff so far. It will be interesting where all these new things lead.
Here is a picture of the mending job I did on "Bobbi"
It's not the same but it'll do.. I'm just lucky I had a random cowgirl boot laying around. Who owns crap like that?? I do. Lucky for me the person that purchased the piece was okay with the change and realized that it made the piece unique.

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