Thursday, February 5, 2009

My first commission

yep.. the title is correct. Someone was interested in buying the wood book "Be Pushy". The only catch is that if you recall, the books aren't for sale. After seeing her face fall downward with a large frown, I quickly offered to do a commission for her. The frown was gone and a very big smile took over. She gave me $100.00 dollars and I immediately started asking questions about what she would like the book to be based on. "Gratitude" was the answer, I actually like this and I find that this will be a good challenge.
The book is a gift for her girlfriend, I then started asking questions about the person getting the book: What is she like? What do you two share? What does she do? Tell me more about her?
Some really great ideas came to mind and I started taking notes. I'm very excited about this!!

I have sold two works in 3 days!

I was thrilled to have a 100.00 dollars in my pocket and went out to celebrate. When I got home later I pulled out my journal and started to sketch some ideas. There was no time limit put on me to finish this book but I think I will do it fairly quickly. I am so thrilled and part of me a little nervous.. but I know I will do the best I can. The woman even said that she was interested in have 6 books made for a genealogy project for her family. *gulp* I said "why don't we wait and discuss that after your book is done".

Wish me luck!
A couple images of some pages in "Be Pushy" for example sake. As you can see this book is a little personal and I think that the new book will be more generalized since I'm making something for someone to give as a gift. You get the idea.

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