Monday, March 21, 2011

sunday night

I had some friends over last night for a small(ish) dinner party. I made two pot pies, one veggie and one chicken. I love pot pies and making them. Nothing like chicken pot pie after a ton of rain and earthquake threats to warm the soul. We also enjoyed salad, delicious appetizers, wine, and homemade molasses cookies.
There was no particular occasion to celebrate other than life and good friends. It was very much what I needed after all the draining (yet positive) changes.

I have very fond and saturated memories of Sunday night dinners while I lived in Portland. I lived in a very large, funky house that we called "the far out house". I know that it sounds a little hippy dippy but the house was actually named that because of it's location.

"the far out house" was located on the out skirts of town next to the airport and just a smidge away from the Washington border. I lived with 4 other people and paid the cheapest rent I've ever paid. The house was more of a community than just a bunch of house-mates hating the space they shared.

and yes.. we were either hippies or punks so the "far out" name really wasn't that off. Every Sunday night we would have friends over, make a huge feast and watch "The Simpsons".

Everyone contributed something, it was a very warm welcoming environment that we all looked forward to. I have never been able to emulate the PDX days but I know I've come close.

It was a lovely dinner and I believe that everyone enjoyed themselves. Until next Sunday...

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