Friday, February 27, 2009

Major problems with blogger

I'm having some major issues switching blogger to my domain. Right now I'm going to leave the blog at the old address but not for long.. hopefully. Ugh.
So if you don't see my blog from time to time, just wait it should get better eventually.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

lazy procrastinator, time to regroup and refocus.

Yes.. that's me.

You know that 365 project.. yeah that one. Well, I am postponing that until further notice. I need to focus a little attention on me for a second, I feel weighed down by that project. Can I be honest here.. of course I can, right. The truth is that I'm exhausted and I feel that I'm running at a capacity of 40%. I need some regroup time to propel myself at least to 85% and above.
Not that I'm going to stop posting or anything, I just feel I have enough on my shrinking little plate.
This week I have been trying to catch up on school work while juggling everything else. My mom is coming to town tomorrow and although that seems nice, it actually is very time consuming. I also take my show down on Saturday morning.
All this is going on while I remain unmotivated and tired. I don't even want to do my own dishes, that's how pooped I am.
The rain isn't helping either.

Wish me luck as I search the world for myself again, I seemed to have lost part of me and if you find it first.. please send it back.

That fire under my you know what would be nice right about now.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Show Booked! and much, much more..

Artquest was awesome last night! I had such a great time. The art was very good, I especially enjoyed the work by Derek Weisberg. His work was overwhelming, his sculptures lined the walls of a room and were all lit up by tea lights. You could feel the heat of the room and also smell the mass amount of people starring at the warm glow. One of the shops that was showing work was a great bookstore/magazine shop called "Issues". I have never been there before but thought it was so intriguing, I think I fell in love a little. The openings also gave me a chance to mingle with local artists, check out some new spaces, and have fun with my bud Mike. Overall.. it was a fab time!

I do have some news as well. First things first, I sold "Well Isn't That Just Swell" yesterday while working at the Split. The gentlemen that bought it is a regular there and has had his eye on the piece this whole month. So far that is 4 sold and 3 commissions. Not to sound narcissistic, but I'm very proud of myself (patting myself on the back).

At Artquest I ran into Matt Decker (I was telling you about in previous post), do you recall me saying I want to have a show at his tattoo/vintage shop. Well.. I booked a show for Sept. 4th!! It's a bit far off but I'm very happy about it.

For my 365 project.. well.. I will say going to the openings on Saturday was working on my art, booking the show etc. Today my art project is that I finally bought my domain name. This blog will be linked to it, not sure how the whole transition works yet. Blogger states that it takes up to at least 3 days for the whole process to be finalized. My new address will It's very exciting! Now I need to start working on my portfolio and moving full steam ahead.

I also need to start really working hard on my commissioned work. Back to juggling all the things I want to do and make it look easy, sort of.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

ARTQUEST tonight!!

I am going to this. I also hope to have a show at Premium Tattoo in the future

Here is a link to the Myspace page about the event. Also Matt Decker of Premium Tattoo's page. Matt's art is incredible!! He is a true photorealist and he's a nice guy!
See you there...

New Toys!

Time has definitely slowed down over here. The whirlwind of emotions and getting deadlines met has faded away. Now I'm suddenly stuck with extra time and fumbling to find my motivation. It's funny to me that I write I have extra time, I have actually been very busy, just not with art. Honestly, I could sleep for something like two years and I wouldn't mind. I have spent this last week trying to catch up some things that were put on the back burner (ie: school, work, life) for the last two months. I have also been falling asleep uncontrollably as well.. okay maybe not uncontrollably but it seems the moment I get into bed, I'm out. Three out of five nights last week I woke up in the middle of the night with the lights on and everything, I sit there wondering what happened. I pull myself together and get myself into bed properly. Ha! that sounds funny to me, but it's true.

I finally got around to putting my pictures online. I don't want to show too many of the opening itself due to many people in them that might not want there picture on display. I will display mine though.. this is me before the opening, nervous and not yet tipsy.

My friend/stylist did my hair and makeup. Everything felt extremely surreal to me that night, I wrote about that before. I felt like someone else was doing all the motions and I was along for the ride. (is that scary?) I had fun getting dolled up and buying new clothes and such for the big event.
Now that the main event is done.. I need to keep motivated in creating more art. I think art and almost anything in this world requires practice and persistence. I think I'm in a good creative space to keep delving in and exploring new possibilities. Are you all familiar with Flickr? I'm sure you are. Flickr has a project called "365 project", if you don't know what this is, I will explain. 365 is a project for people to take a picture everyday for a year and post them on Flickr. I love the idea of this, not only does it give you something to do but it pushes consistency and practice. I would like to tweak the idea a bit and have a project like this for myself. I want to work on something creatively everyday and post about it. I gotta keep the flow going and what better way to do that with a good, clean little project/challenge. (am I sure I want to get myself into this?? erm..) I will try my best to post about it daily but may lag and post a weeks worth at once, we shall see.
Here are a couple pictures of some new toys that I picked up. I think they are neat, creepy,interesting, and strange... all things I enjoy a bit.
Eeeeps!!! little dolls and their bodies! I especially think the doll heads are the creepiest. I am torn about doll parts in shadow boxes, I think it's so cliche. I thought that I would be one to avoid them.. but after "Bobbi's Last Ride" , I think they have a place and serve a purpose in art.
I also found these awesome glass disks:
I used to work in a glass factory in Portland, Oregon and since then I have always loved glass. These were obviously from a mold of something, they almost look like bits you would pull out of the bottom on the kiln after cooling. They are way too smooth to be that though. I have been wanting to work with glass and lenses of sorts in my work to depict my horrible eye sight. A interesting fact about me is that I was born with cataracts and have had four eye surgeries to correct it. Two to take the bad lenses out and two other surgeries to put a lens implant in. Only one eye has the implant and the other one still has a contact. It will be fun to see what life that all of this takes on in my art. Yay new toys!!
I have also been playing with pastels and photocopies or prints from the internet. I decided to practice on this little ditty below. Pretty fun stuff so far. It will be interesting where all these new things lead.
Here is a picture of the mending job I did on "Bobbi"
It's not the same but it'll do.. I'm just lucky I had a random cowgirl boot laying around. Who owns crap like that?? I do. Lucky for me the person that purchased the piece was okay with the change and realized that it made the piece unique.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mending Bobbi

I found out last night that someone broke "Bobbi's Last Ride". It was of course by accident, they bumped into the piece and broke one of the boots. When I asked the girl working if she could salvage any pieces she said that it was shattered. The boot was made out of either porcelain or terracotta so it isn't the easiest to replace, and it was a found object. The last time I went to the reuse place, they didn't have any left. The news was given to me while I was at a friends dinner party. My buddy Anne Pinkowski was there so I asked her about what she has done in the past when this sort of thing happens. It's one thing to break a piece that isn't sold.. but this piece is sold. She advised me to be honest with the person that bought it and try to fix it if I can. I know shit happens but what a total bummer. It would be easy if I could go out and just pick up a new one.. but I can't. I guess this is a learning process and it is all part of the whole picture. Nothing is perfect and maybe the "Bobbi" hasn't seen her last ride yet... On a bright side to this sad little situation, I have an extra doll part with a cowboy boot on it. It is totally different from the one used in the original piece but it might work and who knows.. it might be better. I am going to try and fix it today.

About Anne, I just met Anne at a friends house about a month ago (give or take). You should definitely check out her work. She is a very established and talented artist who has been compared to Joseph Cornell. I admire her work and am so thrilled to know her. It's fun to meet people that do similar work, it is very inspiring.

Valentines day was yesterday, ugh, sigh, ugh.. I'm so not about Valentine's day. I found this lovely picture on Passive Aggressive Notes. and thought it summed up how many people feel about the commercial lovey dovey holiday.

A friend of mine said it seemed like something I would make, which I think makes it even better. I know you might be sitting there thinking to yourself.. "that is so rude and crass". Yes, it is and that is why I like it. My favorite heart is "eat crotch". Speaking of hearts..

I sold the piece "Mended" this week. I am so thrilled that someone else got this piece. The woman that bought it said it made her feel melancholy and sad, and that it intrigued her. I knew then that she got what I was trying to say. I know that I have posted the pictures of it before, but here they are again.

I love this bottom picture. When making this box it was important for me to put an image of a woman with her back turned. This picture is just perfect, I found the image in a 1940's Life magazine, the issue was about women's fashion. "Mended" was made to depict a very somber, sad and alone feeling you get after either you are left in love or that you are far away enough from it to know the reality (even if painful) of that love. The mended hearts hang almost in a mocking fashion of the future growth one must take. Many of the hearts are mended with words taken from a erotica novel, things like "our tongues" and "my head went back in ecstasy". There is also a box inside the box with the mended hearts and words flowing out of it, this goes along with the idea of our inner secrets. Most of my boxes are talking about inner secrets and this just fits right in with it. I love "Mended" and am thrilled about my friend who bought it! I could go on and on about the meanings of this piece for me but don't want to taint your view.

Writing all of that just made me think again about how I believe that this series of work will spark many other spin off series. I'm very excited to journey into this.

Until next time..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My cup runneth over.. literally.

The opening went very well except for me. I was a nervous wreck before the show and during the show. I got myself one glass of wine at the beginning and that one glass never seemed to end. A couple of dear friends of mine brought nice wine and kept making sure my glass was nice and full. There I was talking to someone and the glass would be empty and then suddenly a miracle would happen and the glass would be full again. My whole plan for the evening was not to drink too much... yeah that didn't work out so well for me. I ended the night being trashed and stumbling, so classy! I spent yesterday feeling terrible and embarrassed about the whole thing. I'm still trying to get over it but I think it will be a while.

On a positive note, so many great people showed up and I got some tremendous feedback about my work. A lot of people loved it and that made me feel so justified and wonderful. I thank everyone who made it and apologize to you if I drooled on you, said terrible crass things to you, or fell on you toward the end of the night.

I hope I will stop beating myself up about the whole thing.. it really isn't that big of a deal but.. man am I the worst critic and super obsessive. It's all a learning experience in the end.

Some advice for people who are thinking of doing a show/opening. Try to remain calm and take everything in moderation and good stride.

It's hard work! Emotionally and physically. I have spent a lot of time lately battling with the anxiety that comes with putting myself out there. It is a fine balance game of emotions once it is finally out there. Yesterday was one of my hardest days through this whole process. After the opening, not only was I hungover but I was very down in a sense. How I would describe it is like this: you spend several months anticipating this event and getting worked up about the whole thing and nervous. You hang your show and you have mixed feelings about the work. You love your work but can't stop starring at it wondering what it is and who did it. I basically felt like someone was taking over and I was on auto pilot, I'm looking back wondering what happened. Then the big opening day comes and you are so nervous you feel completely out of your skin.. I felt proud of myself and sort of felt like hiding away from it all to protect myself. The love I felt from people at the opening was great. The days to follow are quiet and contemplative. I just wish that I didn't drink as much so that I could truly enjoy the moments thoroughly. But.. it is what it is.

I hope I shake it and learn from it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

just a quick update.

Nope, this isn't one of those creepy period commercials for Kotex. The dot that you see is to denote "sold" on my artwork. I sold another piece yesterday!!! Yay!!

I sold "Triptych"! That was one of my favorite pieces and it took me the longest time to make. I explain more about it here. The couple that bought it are some of the most creative people I know, and they are so nice, great, wonderful, interesting, and there aren't enough adjectives to describe them. If you frequent Lanesplitter you know about the action figures that are made for the employees (technically for the pub, but they are made about the employees). These dolls are made by this couple and some upper management Lanesplitter people. I don't want to put their names down because some people may not appreciate that.

Here is my action figure from a bazillion years ago:

Pretty cool eh?

My opening is tonight and I'm super excited and nervous. I know I shouldn't be nervous but I am. As social as I am, I'm also nerve wrecked easily. With that said.. I think it will be great and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!

off to work I go..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My first commission

yep.. the title is correct. Someone was interested in buying the wood book "Be Pushy". The only catch is that if you recall, the books aren't for sale. After seeing her face fall downward with a large frown, I quickly offered to do a commission for her. The frown was gone and a very big smile took over. She gave me $100.00 dollars and I immediately started asking questions about what she would like the book to be based on. "Gratitude" was the answer, I actually like this and I find that this will be a good challenge.
The book is a gift for her girlfriend, I then started asking questions about the person getting the book: What is she like? What do you two share? What does she do? Tell me more about her?
Some really great ideas came to mind and I started taking notes. I'm very excited about this!!

I have sold two works in 3 days!

I was thrilled to have a 100.00 dollars in my pocket and went out to celebrate. When I got home later I pulled out my journal and started to sketch some ideas. There was no time limit put on me to finish this book but I think I will do it fairly quickly. I am so thrilled and part of me a little nervous.. but I know I will do the best I can. The woman even said that she was interested in have 6 books made for a genealogy project for her family. *gulp* I said "why don't we wait and discuss that after your book is done".

Wish me luck!
A couple images of some pages in "Be Pushy" for example sake. As you can see this book is a little personal and I think that the new book will be more generalized since I'm making something for someone to give as a gift. You get the idea.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my artist statement

Emily Coker
Artist Statement

Collage and Assemblage art has always intrigued me and is a major influence in my work. “Synapses” is a deconstruction of thoughts, feelings, and particular moments in life. I wanted the viewer to look into each box and see themselves, either from the outside or the inside.

Medicine cabinets hold stories, mysteries, and secrets; one can’t help looking in them. I chose to use them as my main medium because of that very idea. As the viewer, you are opening the door to someone’s secrets. Each vanity holds a different story, moment, or feeling. The lights are to signify the synapse that takes place in your brain during the thought process. The bulbs light up randomly to resemble the brains movement from these particular images of thought. I put a heavy emphasis in linking our past with our present state of mind so that one can move toward what's to come next. In a sense, the medicine cabinets have been therapy or a way for me to explain my thought processes and emotions.

My artistic expression started with making “Artists’ Books”, I enjoy making books in a non-traditional way, I want the reader to engage and become a part of the story or visuals. Four of my books are displayed in this series; they are in the wood wine crates. These books helped inspire me to create shadow boxes or dioramas that display a bigger scene that the viewer absorbs.

I would like to give a very special thanks to Christy Carter for being the best power tool goddess alive. Christy is an established carpenter and is currently studying at Mills College in hopes to rule the world. If it weren't for C.C., I couldn’t have done my show and would probably be missing some fingers. Many more thanks to: Mike Rice and Val Esway for helping me hang the show and tolerating my moods. Even more thanks to my family, friends, and my muse who have always believed in me and pushed me.

If you are interested in purchasing the art, call: 510-xxx-xxxx or visit:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

and then it was hung.

Phew.. Sunday was the one of longest days of my life, not really but it felt like it. After the devastation of my sweater being stolen, I pulled my head up, loaded the car and anxiously drove to Lanesplitter to hang the show. The night before in my very OCD fashion I pre-packed all the essentials in case something went wrong.

Things I packed:
Hot glue gun
Super glue
zip ties (i love me some zip ties)
light bulbs (in case I broke one)
2 masonry bits
anchors and hooks, oh my
hammer and nails, pliers
wire nuts
glue stick
tape (3 different types)
and I think there is more but my head can't recall all the details.

I arrived at Lanesplitter and got all the boxes moved in just as Mike (an old friend of mine) showed up to help with the drilling. I love power tools! The only thing I didn't love is that I had the wrong drill bit sizes. Thinking quickly, I called Val to have her pick up a 1/2 inch masonry bit so we could hang the heavy boxes in brick. You are probably wondering who Val is?? Val can be found here , she's my buddy and she was there to support me (the frantic artist).

One wall in Lanesplitter is brick and the other wall is just your standard off white wall. While waiting for Val, Mike and I started to hang 5 boxes on the white wall. We were pretty much done with the white wall by the time Val came in with her hero cape blowing in the wind and bit in hand. The mounted anxiety I was experiencing was slowly subsiding... phew. Deep breath in and deep breath out, and in, in, in.. oh yeah and OUT!

The pub opens at 11 and by this time it was already past 10:30, I was worried about customers coming in and not being done. "Er.. can you mind that cord", "sorry about the brick dust in your pizza". "oh this.. yeah, it's my art". So as you can see I was trying to be timely about the whole thing.

We finally got all the boxes hung and that started the wiring process. Ugh!!! 30 extension cords, 4 timers, 2 power strips, and a shit ton of zip ties later.. I had the wiring done or so I thought. In my frantic frenzy I did the wiring wrong, not only once but twice. I had the whole thing mapped out on how it all should go down and of course I forgot that crucial piece of paper at home. (palm hits head, or as the kids call it "palm head" is that right?) So the set up wasn't supposed to last that long, um yeah that didn't happen. I arrived at 9:30 and finished at 5:30, holy hell. I worked around the lunch rush, I worked around the beginning of the dinner crowd and finally, finally finished. By the time I was done, I was alone, tired, and worn out but it worked and it looks great!!!!
Less writing and more pictures:
Not stressed at all, not one bit.. see.

The open box is "Toxic Thoughts"

warm blue glow of "Triptych"
Old fashioned glow of "Well isn't that just Swell".

"Bobbi's Last Ride" Already Sold!! That is the above picture.

"Second-Hand Souls" looks so pretty on the brick wall.

oooh.. "Triptych"


Detail of "Mended". One of the lights doesn't work.. but I'll fix it later.


P.S. I'm not so great with my writing and grammar.. so you sticklers out there BEWARE!.. just saying.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nervous thoughts and my sweater, oh and nerves.

I just realized in my panicked state that someone stole, or I lost my most favorite sweater. It's not a fancy sweater, it's acrylic and a v neck and I'm bummed.
I was slowly waking up this morning and getting mentally prepared to hang my show when it dawned on me... my sweater?? it's gone. I didn't see it while I was folding laundry... not at the laundromat, home, or any place?

I wonder is someone took it?? I'm going through suspects now in my head.. there were three people there, one woman that took up about 17 washing machines, the man that was singing to his reflection in the fire extinguisher case, and one woman who was cleaning out her purse with latex gloves on... I bet you if it was stolen, it was her. She was very, very, very strange and didn't really look like she was doing any laundry.

I don't know why I'm posting this other than I'm just super nervous and have to hang my show soon. I may have wanted to wear that sweater and that's why I'm thinking of it.

Wish me luck today!