Thursday, November 25, 2010

Uhhh.. it's 36 degrees right now! whoa.. when I said that I wanted autumn weather I meant I actually wanted to enjoy a bit of it.. not jump straight into winter. brrrr!

Well.. nothing says winter better than going ice skating.. right? A friend of mine who is a reporter is doing a story about ice skating and asked if I wanted to go along. At first I said no and then I changed my mind. I have actually never made the effort to see San Francisco's union square around the holidays. I think one must take themselves out of their comforts and do different things, don't you?

It sure was crowded but a lot of fun.

Many, many very well dressed people were out. I'm not sure you can see it in this picture. Some kids clothes were probably the same amount as my car payment. eeeps! I almost felt like a tourist for a minute.

oooh...big Christmas tree.

Awkward self portrait of me in some pretty cool skates. What out! I'm fire on ice!
I had fun even though I like to take things slow on the ice.. not like my reporter friend who was going around corners like a pro.

Yesterday also marked the Lanesplitter holiday party.. I guess the holiday spirit is out in full force. I was just happy they had their party on a night where I could actually go and not worry about work the next day. People dress up in their best for this event. Here is my little Annie Hall inspired outfit.. my new hat was my true inspiration.

I took this picture to send my friend to see if the outfit worked. Isn't that funny.. I have one friend who I always consult about clothing decisions. I guess it's not to strange since I live alone but it is sorta funny.

Anyway.. it sure was a fun filled day and a good start to welcome the holidays.

gobble gobble! Happy Turkey Day!

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