Tuesday, January 25, 2011

creepy strange men drawings

I suppose I have a talent for drawing creepy men.. anytime I try to draw a woman she ends up looking like a creepy drag queen or cartoony women from the 50's. So.. for now I'm embracing my creepy men...
People keep asking me who these creepy men are and I don't know. The picture above was drawn last night.. I was drawing this creepy dude,  looked up and realized that I drew the man sitting to the left of me.. but w/ no eyes and a bit darker.
I don't know who either of these other two are.. I wonder if I see people and then draw them much later.. or from some strange suppressed memory?

I've heard from several people that my drawings remind them of someone but no one can ever really place it.
I wonder if I have a sixth sense and draw people that already lived.. nah.. but wouldn't that be creepy cool.

I've also come to the understanding / acceptance that I'm okay with people calling my drawing style  illustrations... sure.. that works.

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