Monday, January 24, 2011


Finished a book..
I really like the size of this book.. it's perfect, not too big, not too small. Now I need to finish the other special already purchased book by this weekend.

Other than working on books - I tried my hand at making honey whole wheat bread. and a new soup. Aren't Sundays made for baking and putzing around the house.

Oh man the bread turned out so good.. and the soup. The soup is a sweet potato and black bean, oh my!

After all the cooking and cleaning I had a friend over for nachos and we watched My So Called Life. yep.. you read that right. My So Called Life - Angela Chase, Jordon Catalano, and all the rest.. even that sissy Ricky.

Look at that spread:
Not only was I surprised by the fact the show was only on for a year.. but that 90's fashion was truly that bad. I had flashbacks to high school when we wore way too much soft plaid and awful floral dresses with buttons (puke).  I remember the show being so good the first time but it was a bit painful on round two.

ah well..
Pretty nice break from all the work.

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  1. sounds like a fabulous evening! i make many a sweet potato based soup! & now I will be adding black beans to a future version!