Monday, January 31, 2011

studio time

This weekend I spent most of my free time working on books and spending a lot of time in the studio. So much that I had that awkward "I've spent too much time alone" thing going on.

I stained about 18 or so books with 3 different stain colors

safety first! I wear a respirator doing a lot of my work - staining and sanding wood can be pretty harsh on the lungs. The lines this lovely couture mask leaves are sexy.. lemme tell you.

Book almost done - I like this size of this one,  it's a typical large sketch book style.
finished book -  size is slightly smaller than your typical CD case. These are some of the few natural wood books without stain. I like these books in the sense that stains appear on the wood and give it a worn out look naturally.

Working desk....


sleepy time desk.. desk cleaned up and at dusk.

I still have to start sanding about 20 more books and get the hinges on and ready to go. Not bad though for a weekends work.

In the studio w/ me:

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