Monday, December 27, 2010

bread and butter

Back to the basics.. I decided I would try my hand at baking my own bread. I've never tried to bake anything other than cookies or muffins. 

*Segue* the term "bread and butter" an old superstitious term said by couples when their holding hands are forced to split by an obstacle. This is to avoid bad luck of something coming between them. Kinda cute huh... who knew. (they also said "salt and pepper") (thanks wikipedia) 

It really wasn't that hard.. I did however use one of the most basic bread recipe EVER.

I got that lovely dough mixer from my mom for Christmas. Most things I received this year were very home driven... anyway..

You mix all the dry stuff then add the wet stuff w/ yeast and before you know it the dough is rising and doing cool stuff. I cleaned the house while the dough was rising and then came back to it.. plopped it in the loaf pan and baked it until golden brown.
Not bad eh? Not for my first loaf of plain old white bread. 

I made a large pot of Andouille sausage n' wild rice stew as well.. Dipping my buttered bread in the stew was absolutely delightful! I thought at first the bread tasted strange and was paranoid that I messed it up.. then realized quickly that home made bread tastes different.. as in really effing good.

One must eat to have the strength to create.. next on the agenda.. clean up studio to create more.

sweetly dancing upon my ear drums:

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