Friday, December 10, 2010

I have not been in the mood this year for any holiday, not even Halloween which is my ultimate favorite. I also very much enjoy Christmas although I may not have admitted it in the past.

Last night I felt a sneaky twinge of the holiday cheer popping up. (I'm imagining a little tap on my shoulder..excuse me.. yeah it's me.. holiday cheery magical b.s... yeah hi.. pay attention to me please).

I went to the Blacksmith Cellers annual Christmas party. They hold it a little cafe near Jack London Square. I don't think many people know of it since the crowd is cozy but not crazy. It was nice to get out and force myself into the holiday spirit.. and with wine. My apologies for the bad quality pictures.. I'm starting to realize I should start using my regular camera.. you know one with a flash perhaps.

It was truly that dark.

My friend and I were so close to Jack London Square we decided to stroll around and see the giant Christmas tree.

oooh.. so big and bright.
I had to get super close to really get into the spirit.

The above picture is of the outside of Scott's.. purdy lights.

The pictures don't really do it justice. It was nice to stroll and stop for one more drink at Kincaid's to end the night. I came home to several Christmas cards in the mail which put me is a small panic that Christmas in two weeks away. aaaahhhhh!!!!!

I guess it's time to be slapped by the holidays. 

One of many on the rotation this morning:
mmm.. love you Brandi!

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