Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yay!!  Marlene loves her book!!

I visited Marlene at her studio yesterday with the book made just for her, 108 pages and all. I took my other books just in case she didn't bond with the book I had for her. Luckily it all worked out they way I hoped. Nothing is better than someone loving something you made.  I can't wait to see the books evolve with their owners, especially this one.

About the number 108 - this link helps talk broadly about it. I asked Marlene to help me understand what the importance was for her but I think words can't describe it alone. Here is Marlene's Blog for your reading pleasure... if you look there are tabs that direct you to many different things like her website and what not. One tab that catches my attention and I think is a good explanation of Marlene's 108 is here 108 walking prayers

I feel so fortunate and blessed to meet so many wonderful new people. One of my very favorite new friends is Marlene, I'm inspired by her overflowing positive personality and her art. I was afraid to use color in my art until I met her, true story.

Thanks Marlene for doing what you do. 

My ears are also being inspired right now by:

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  1. Thank you Emily! I am so excited about the book and the many journeys I will have with it! I am also excited about become good friends with you! And I am so excited that you love color!!!!! Wooooo hoooo!