Thursday, December 2, 2010

In all the chaos I did manage to get out for a minute to visit drawing Wednesday at Levende. I was happy to see that they are finally using lights on the tables.. I have a very hard time seeing in there in general.

Happy artists drawing away into the night.

I was inspired by an old Christmas card I got from a friend and drew this for my bud Ryan. After I drew it I was suddenly reminded of a certain family member. I can't write it down.. but if you have followed this blog at all you might have an idea.

ooh.. very dark, very Tim Burton - esque. Can you believe I got this as a Christmas card one year.

When I left Levende, I was transfixed by the lovely holiday lights in Old Oakland. Who knew this "dangerous" city could be so pretty and have that small town feel. 

Speaking of holiday cheer... Look at this crazy badly messed up wrapping paper I found.

YOW!!! that makes my eyes hurt. I used it to wrap the passport turn in box for tomorrow night. 

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