Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sold Out!

Isn't it funny how things work out.. especially when you thought it would work out a different way. Last night I planned to meet a friend who was interested in purchasing a book. I went to Laneplitter to meet her with the 4 remaining books. I sat and waited and waited and she never showed, after texting her she replied that she forgot and was now busy doing something else. Being annoyed and sarcastic I said out loud.. "erm.. does anyone want to buy a  handmade book"? while making a face.

To my surprise the woman sitting next to me said "what kind of book"? I pulled out the books and she looked them over and was immediately drawn to one. She ended up buying it as gift that will go to a tattoo artist as a sketch book. She was also nice enough to let me take her picture.

When one door closes - another opens.. so true isn't it. The magic didn't stop there.. I ran into a friend and her mom who is visiting from out of town. I told them about what had just happened. Well.. long story short - my friends mom ended up buying all 3 remaining books to take back home as gifts.

I couldn't feel happier or more blessed... and it all happened at a much needed time.

Those were the last books I had fully made. I have several at home that need to be assembled and the wood is being cut for another set. 

Thank you to all the new book owners and the universe for making it happen.

celebrating with me in music form:

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  1. YAY! i love that you ended up selling the rest of your books & to totally unplanned sales!

    also.. i love The Knife!