Monday, December 20, 2010

surround this..

My five year anniversary gift from work finally came. Not that I was waiting forever but it did take me a very long time to decide. I love that companies give you several pages of basically crap.It was really hard to turn down the bronze cast statue of a soccer player.. but I decided to get something random that I would use until it breaks... and who knows maybe it won't

I got a very cheap home theater system... very, very, very cheap. Look at all these damn wires.
Each corner of the room has a speaker.. for being so cheap, the speakers actually sound pretty good. Of course the wiring they give you isn't long enough.. so I spent some time re-wiring everything.
Overall it's not a bad little toy.. it's pretty crazy to hear a movie like that.. The one downside to it is: It came with a DVD player that works as its amplifier.. another cheap piece of...
When the DVD player is working there is a nice somewhat high pitched hum when it's not on a loud part.

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