Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Below is a series of Penelope and Theo on Christmas.... it's all about the kids you know... oh and baby Jesus.

Below is right after Theo gets to my sister Amy's house and hears that Santa has magically brought his presents over.
The kids were locked out of the living room until the moms gave the okay to attack the tree and poor pretty presents. Why are adults so mean.. whyyy..

Here is the tree before the kids saw/touched.

The mean adults holding poor Penelope back from seeing the tree. My sister looks super excited.

Penelope realizing that she narrowly escaped the naughty list.. whew.

Auntie Em is still wondering what happened to her pants..and also wondering why kids don't feel cold.. wtf?

Theo discovering something large and plastic.. wahoo.. Oh Santa.. you shouldn't have..

Below is a picture of about how the rest of the morning was... a blur of excitement.. the kids wouldn't hold still very long.

Theo showing off his new vest and hat set.. auntie Em was jealous.

Penelope trying to figure out the wings on her new dress.

The below picture is of  kids before dinner that night..
 Still amped and full of sugar and wonderment..

My mom made this incredible roast w/ creamed potatoes.. oh my! sides included rolls, cooked carrots (YUM), gravy, and salad. Dessert included my sisters apple pie and Bake Sale Betty's pumpkin pie w/ vanilla bean ice cream.. I think 5 pounds just hit my hips describing the meal. 

Auntie Em is exhausted and relieved.. I am so grateful for all the thoughtful gifts and cards I got this year. Thanks you friends and family.

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  1. Great pics! Christmas IS all about the kids. Our whole family woke up at the wicked hour of 6:30 a.m. just to watch our little nephew Brayden tear open his gifts.